The Company
  • Our activity honours the first great humanity invention - the wheel - so that the merchandise destination complies entirety, with security, quality and efficiency standards.

    We offer international transportation services, with corporate ethics and maximum diligence. We take responsibility for the social and environmental impact of our area of operation and we are in the process of implementing ISO 9001 and SA 8000.

  • We cover a wide European road networks, we have regular routes with daily departures and we highlight the routes to Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

  • We have the capacity to carry out all sorts of distribution and transportation, regardless of size or cargo, since our fleet consists of vehicles from 3.5 tons up to 40 tons.

    Our vehicles have a GPS system and we are proud to be able to say that we comply with all European standards, as seen our euro 5 and euro 6 engines that equip the fleet, which allows the entry into European cities without any interdiction or restriction as well as deliverance at the recipient's door.

  • As the customer needs are our core mission, we have established a number of solutions for storage, logistics, distribution and transportation.

    Today, fast-paced reliable delivery of goods impositions, shortening distances in a timely manner and without any disadvantage to the customer, require the insight and experience that we have set up as our top priority.


International transportation

Full container loads, container loads, express loads.

ADR - Hazardous goods

Drivers with ADR license and vehicles equipped with ADR equipment.

Company with a security adviser

Coil Carrier

Non Stop

Express with light duty vehicles, with short time deliveries.

POD - Signature client capture at the point of delivery.
COD - Cash on delivery This service is also covered by a policy.


  • CPL on Spain's capital

    On November 7 and 8 we will participate in Logistics & Distribution Madrid 2017, with stand L01.   In 2016, this fair beat all the records, with more than 400 participating companies and more than 11500 professional visitors, expecting even more this year.   This data is relevant and lead us to bet on presence, believing in the recognition of our competitiveness and in the opportunity that this event will create, as a company driver, above all, in what concerns the increase of commercial relations and of the brand prestige.

  • Remarkable success in Belgium

    Goal achieved at the Transport & Logistics Antwerp 2017. We reached the end of the event with the feel that our company achieved the intended goals.   We have achieved greater notoriety and established contacts with other event participating companies and visitors, all of which are key to CPL's continuous international progress.

  • Success in Warsaw

    CPL was at the MT TSL Warsaw 2017. The company has obtained excellent results in the event and will keep betting in international markets, in order to consolidate the sustained growth of the last years.

  • Address
    Largo da República do Brasil, 437 C
    1º Andar, Sala A
    4810-446 Guimarães
  • E-mail
    +351 253 096 489
    +351 915 447 270
    +351 253 194 073